Records & Information Management

Next-Generation Records & Information Management

Classify, secure and govern all content types to help strengthen compliance, maximize value and reduce cost.

Once considered a cost of doing business, managing and retaining business information and records has now become a high priority across many organizations. Increased volumes of content, user demand to access content in context and mounting regulatory requirements are driving innovative ways to reduce cost and extract value.

Viewpointe offers modern solutions that incorporate records and information management to address your need to govern all types of business content throughout the entire lifecycle, aiming to reduce risk and uncover value.


Viewpointe Solutions for Records & Information Management

Our solutions can help enrich your records and information management program through comprehensive information management and governance that automates your business processes.


  • Manage all content with an enterprise taxonomy
  • Improve litigation, audit and investigation readiness
  • Employ content assessment to help leverage and organize stored content, information management practices, workflow processes, lifecycle governance and business systems



  • Enforce your governance policies through advanced automation
  • Defensibly dispose of data debris and keep only what is of value
  • Reduce user burden and improve efficiency via auto-classification


 A New Era of Information Management and Governance


For many organizations, records management has fallen short of expectations.  Low user adoption, complex point solutions and the lack of program visibility have all contributed.


By enabling records and information management disciplines through a broader information management and governance strategy, Viewpointe can help increase the impact of your top line initiatives.

With OnPointe, progressive companies are achieving significant and tangible value by minimizing legal and business risk, cleaning up legacy data stores and improving user productivity.  

Viewpointe’s proven business model and technology uniquely position us to help you embrace information management and governance today.

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