What's the latest from EDRM?

In light of the recent changes to the iconic Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) diagram, Viewpointe is sharing what's new and why the diagram continues to be so relevant. We also believe it is a good time to revisit with our customers these important alterations.

Viewpointe had long ago adopted the EDRM diagram, relying on it in conjunction with OnPointe®, our information governance platform, specifically the OnPointe eDiscovery solution. The EDRM diagram has long been the standard used by legal professionals and others involved in eDiscovery to help clarify processes and expectations among project stakeholders.

So why modify a standard?  The EDRM diagram represents a conceptual view of the eDiscovery process.  The EDRM organization often reviews the diagram and considers changes in the context of changes in the eDiscovery process and other influencing factors. Updates have occurred in the past to reflect the evolving process itself.   Version 3 of the diagram stays true to this philosophy.

"The changes reflected in the latest model offer an expanded view on the management of information - going beyond records management and recognizing the key role information governance plays in effective eDiscovery," said Reed Irvin, Viewpointe senior vice president, product development and EDRM member. "In keeping with the dynamic eDiscovery process, the revised model reflects a circular movement in that the process is not final until you have rotated back to information governance."

Version 3 of the EDRM diagram offers significant updates, primarily to express the importance of information governance (IG) as a key piece of the electronic discovery process. In addition, the line from 'Presentation' to 'Information Governance' has been widened to emphasize the importance of information governance as the beginning and ending points of the process.  Another update to the diagram is the greater attention to the two core objectives driving most eDiscovery projects - Volume and Relevance.

"Since it was first introduced in 2006, the eDiscovery process has evolved, as has the model," said George Socha, co-founder of the EDRM.  "It is meant to show that every well-managed eDiscovery process should start and end with sound information governance. Since introducing the latest version a couple of months ago, we are thrilled with the level of interest and acceptance in the market."

EDRM has comprised 279 organizations throughout the world. To learn more about EDRM and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, visit here.

For more information about OnPointe eDiscovery, visit here or contact us atinfo@viewpointe.com. 

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