Mitigate the business and legal risk associated with your corporate information while reducing the costs.

Putting strategic information management and governance plans into action can help control and protect your organization from threats – both within and outside of your corporate walls. Eliminating policy silos and reinforcing compliance processes enhance your ability to meet regulatory mandates, minimize exposure and help reduce potential damage to your business.

Viewpointe is a trusted provider of secure, scalable solutions that help you bolster compliance programs and reduce the risk associated with managing information.


Better control compliance and regulatory issues in your environment

Reduce financial risk by leveraging consumption-based pricing

Create a transparent enterprise-wide governance strategy

Manage audit and litigation response more efficiently

Trust proven performance, scalability and security

Automate processes for increased agility and cost savings


Viewpointe has a proven record of helping customers address the challenges of information risk and compliance system integrity through our unmatched business model, combining best-in-class technology and services.

Information is a vital asset to any organization. It drives processes, holds the trends and data needed to excel and is instrumental in helping staff contribute to the success of the business in their day-to-day work. But there are a lot of ways that good information and your compliance system can be undermined. The threats of information being compromised are real. The mounting regulatory landscape adds to the challenge of striking the balance between controlling risk and taking advantage of information for competitive gain.

Progressive organizations rely on OnPointe to manage all content within their regulated industries. Our deep business and industry expertise helps our customers contain costs and mitigate risk while increasing efficiency and agility – critical in today’s strictly regulated, litigious and information-intensive business climate. Built as a private cloud model, OnPointe helps meet regulatory, legal and business requirements for data access, monitoring, retention management and defensible destruction of information via automated enforcement of your information management and governance policies.

For institutions seeking a proven, scalable and secure payment archive, Viewpointe has served some the nation’s best-known financial institutions for more than a decade. You can also trust us with your vital check image clearning and settlement processes with the confidence that the privacy of your customer information and impeccable security are our top priorities.

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6 Ways to Keep Content from Getting Out of Control

Keep pace with digital transformation without risking security, privacy or retention policy requirements. Find out how your business, legal and IT executives can establish shared priorities and act collaboratively to reduce risks, comply with laws and regulations, eliminate needless cost and respond more nimbly to competitive needs and markets.


6 Ways to Keep Business Content From Getting Out of Control

Featured in KMWorld, Viewpointe allows you to take control of business content across a broad range of enterprise applications, messaging systems, content repositories and even file shares that often go unmanaged. Designed to handle petabytes of information, OnPointe provides specific services and integrations to ingest and classify many types of structured and unstructured information.



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