Image Exchange & Settlement

Lower Costs with Clearing and Settlement Services

In a competitive market driven to minimize costs and improve efficiency, institutions seek a way to modernize their technologies while minimizing costs and improving the efficiency of core processes. In a cost conscious and ultra-competitive market, the ability to reach the largest endpoints for image exchange while minimizing costs is paramount. To eliminate technology refreshes, extend your payments network and improve efficiencies that further help you reduce costs, you need clearing and settlement services that provide a new, cost-effective approach.

Viewpointe Solutions for Image Exchange and Settlement

Connect to Viewpointe’s image exchange and settlement solution to leverage clearing and settlement services that minimize your check clearing costs while reaching many of the nation’s largest endpoints.


  • Manage all exchange/settlement relationships via one connection
  • Access one of the nation’s most advanced settlement systems
  • Rely on best-in-class exchange performance levels



  • Tailor processes to match your business needs

  • Connect to the nation’s largest endpoints

Optimize Your Payments Process

Through Viewpointe, customers gain convenient, secure and cost-effective payment solutions. Our clearing and settlement services enable financial institutions of all sizes to automate the image exchange and settlement of checks through the Viewpointe National Settlement System (NSS), one of the nation’s most advanced settlement systems.

With our solutions, we help minimize the hassles and high costs of managing many network exchanges as well as upgrades and technology refreshes. We also help enhance your ability to tailor check image presentations and settlement processes to the specific needs of your institution through our clearing and settlement services. With Viewpointe, customers can automate check image exchange and settlement securely between financial institutions.

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Image Exchange & Settlement

Viewpointe’s services provide cost-effective, fully automated payment solutions to financial institutions of all sizes.

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