Email & File Archiving

Eliminate the Challenge of Growing Content Volumes

Reduce administrative burden and lower costs with a strong content and data archiving strategy.

Are you struggling to control the explosive growth of email and file systems while developing comprehensive information management, governance and compliance strategies that meet today's complex requirements? Finding a scalable, secure and cost-effective approach to govern your unstructured information can be a daunting task.

Discover how Viewpointe’s content and data archiving solutions help some of the world’s best-known companies take control of their content while instilling sound compliance in the cloud.

Viewpointe Solutions for Email & File Archiving 

With Viewpointe, you can rapidly deploy our cloud-based solution to manage the lifecycle of collaborative content, files and business communications. 


  • Optimize message and file system performance via content archiving
      • Increase flexibility and lower costs via private cloud deployment
          • Automate content and data archiving for communications and file


            • Reduce user support and administrative overhead
              • Enforce your internal policies to enable regulatory compliance

              • Scale as the enterprise grows and new communication channels are used

              Solutions That Drive Business Value

              Content and data archiving continues to be a critical component of information management strategies. OnPointe® for Messaging and OnPointe for Files Shares are designed to deliver secure, highly scalable solutions that help you govern the information lifecycle of your sensitive data in a single, unified archive. 



              Coupled with industry-leading records management, these data archiving solutions offer rich capabilities to drive compliant retention and defensible disposition practices for messaging and file system content as well as social media and collaborative systems, including SharePoint. Organizations can deploy a long-term archiving strategy to meet with compliance requirements, satisfy legal obligations and reduce overall costs associated with archiving unnecessary content.

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              As data volumes continue to grow, every company faces mounting pressure to manage information in a secure, consistent and cost-effective manner. Discover how OnPointe can help your organization.

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