Early Case Assessment & eDiscovery

Lower Litigation Costs and Strengthen Incident Readiness

Streamline early case assessment and eDiscovery processes to efficiently meet your legal obligations.

Lawsuits, audits and regulatory investigations are increasing in frequency and cost. Traditional approaches have involved multiple, disparate tools to handle the eDiscovery process and response. This slow, risk-laden approach diminishes your ability to effectively predict outcomes and respond to inquiries.

Let Viewpointe show you a new approach to eDiscovery. We can help increase legal insight earlier in the discovery process, resulting in improved incident readiness, response times and predictability.

Streamline eDiscovery with Viewpointe Solutions

Minimizing the risks and costs of eDiscovery, OnPointe® eDiscovery helps you better collect, preserve, process and review content to produce potentially responsive information more efficiently. 


  • Eliminate point solutions via unified platform for seamless EDRM
  • Form better case strategies with advanced early case assessment
  • Quickly cull information volumes for case-related value


  • Perform advanced searches, including “investigate-in-place”
  • Automatically classify and preserve newly archived documents
  • Increase cost and response predictability via consistent processes

Minimize the Impact of eDiscovery

As content volumes continue to increase, organizations are struggling to properly manage information with existing systems, processes and staff. To proactively address risk, control costs, apply defensible processes and enhance legal insight, you need a strategic management infrastructure that delivers seamless and scalable eDiscovery capabilities.

The ability to proactively and predictively locate and assess information where it resides, using a solution such as OnPointe, is key to mitigating the risks and costs associated with eDiscovery challenges and developing better case strategies. OnPointe eDiscovery can help even the most litigated organizations perform early case assessment streamline eDiscovery, better predict costs and improve readiness.  

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OnPointe for eDiscovery

OnPointe for eDiscovery provides an optimized interface to help minimize the risk, costs and business disruption associated with the discovery process.

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