Big Data Governance

Tackle Big Data and Create Opportunities

Capitalize on opportunities to accelerate innovation by extracting value from your company and customer information.

Big data, or information volumes of extreme size, complexity and a range of formats, continues to be of great concern and interest to many organizations. As a disruptive phenomenon, big data represents both risk and opportunity as the “internet of things” continues to rise and more valuable data is generated automatically.

Is your organization ready to gain insight into your data and take control over the information lifecycle to help ensure successful business decisions?

Viewpointe Helps You Solve the Big Data Challenge

With OnPointe®, you can reinforce your security and information management and governance programs for compliance while deriving business insight and value from big data. 


  • Derive valuable insight through advanced analytics
  • Proactively meet compliance mandates and avoid undue risk
  • Establish data security and pragmatic information governance
  • Create transparent data ownership and governance strategies
  • Automate big data governance for access, retention and deletion
  • Manage all data types to facilitate anywhere, anytime access

Why Viewpointe:

  • Unmatched business model that drives excellence
  • Tailored for highly regulated industries with complex requirements
  • Uniquely combine technology and experienced service professionals
  • Over a decade of experience delivering private cloud services
  • Regulatory compliance, security, ECM and IG expertise on staff
  • One of the most trusted and longest managed cloud archives in the United States

Govern Big Data for Better Business Value

One of the largest untapped sources of big data is the unmanaged, neglected, orphaned content that continues to accumulate inside your enterprise. The burden of storage capacity and migration costs of this so-called dark data is often outweighed only by the unknown risks that could be hidden within it. Our big data information management and governance services can help.


Strategically approach your big data information management and governance challenges by considering a private cloud approach. Viewpointe’s OnPointe solution can help you shine light on your dark data by making it useful to your business, or preparing it for defensible deletion. Our solutions help you properly manage and govern your big data, allowing you to glean important insights and launch new solutions for your customers – ahead of your competition.

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