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Better Manage Financial Data in a Unified Archive

Simplify your digital storage and bring order and efficiency to your business.

In a market of declining check volumes, shifting from a capital expense model to an operational expense model is smart business. Moving your check storage to a hosted private cloud can help improve your cost visibility and predictability while modernizing your infrastructure to address industry regulations and security mandates.

Choose the Viewpointe Check Archive as your repository of record - we can help you minimize the impact of check storage.

About the Viewpointe Check Archive

The nation's largest multinational banks rely on Viewpointe for their digital storage archive. Our comprehensive solution accommodates checks, lockbox and statements.


  • Consolidates check, lockbox and statements into a single archive
  • Secure, scalable way to manage check-related archive needs
  • Proven accessibility with 4 billion images retrieved annually
  • Retrieval speeds of up to 3,500 images per second
  • Provides cost visibility, predictability and elasticity
  • Enables true bill-back capabilities based on utilization

Why Viewpointe:

  • Unmatched business model that drives excellence
  • Built by the financial industry for regulated business
  • Uniquely combine technology and professional services
  • Over a decade of experience delivering  private cloud services
  • Regulatory compliance, security, ECM and IG expertise on staff
  • One of the most trusted and longest managed cloud archives in the United States

A Pioneer of Archive Solutions for Financial Institutions 

The Viewpointe Check Archive is among the world's largest storage environments, holding the majority of all check-related content in North America for the nation's largest institutions.

Our customers rely on the Viewpointe Check Archive for its outstanding capacity, retrieval speed and superior performance levels.

Managing the needs of highly regulated organizations, Viewpointe maintains unmatched, world-class security and compliance while offering a host of benefits and capabilities to help manage the risk and costs of eDiscovery and audits. In addition, you will have predictable, per-unit pricing based on your actual storage use, eliminating any need to maintain excess capacity.

With Viewpointe, you retain control of your organization's data retention and destruction decisions while gaining support in managing data according to your policies. Rest assured that our world-class archive is fully redundant and our data centers are securely located in disparate areas throughout the U.S., thereby keeping your data safe.

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The Viewpointe Check Archive

Our national, trusted check archive provides outstanding capacity and retrieval speed, offering your business the latest in on-demand access capabilities.


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