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The Right Cloud Can Change the Game

The biggest trend in data center technology is the use of cloud computing platforms – but not all clouds are created equal. Regulated organizations are executing on private cloud strategies to capitalize on cost- and risk-reduction opportunities. But with a variety of deployment models that can impact the rate of success, making the right move is paramount. With the added complexity of business critical, information-heavy systems, this challenge only becomes more daunting. Dedicated private cloud services can help.

Discover how Viewpointe can help you transform your business via our dedicated, hosted private cloud. 

Viewpointe Helps You Tackle Issues beyond Storage

As IT teams move from on-premises to cloud-based architectures, many are realizing the benefits in terms of predictability, scalability, cost reduction and productivity.


  • Shift from CapEx to OpEx to increase cost predictability and business allocation  
  • Enable regulatory compliance through governance capabilities   
  • Reduce financial risk by leveraging consumption-based pricing 



    • Standardize information access and improve usability 
    • Improve efficiency and lower TCO via a dedicated private cloud




    Benefits of the Viewpointe Dedicated Private Cloud

    Dedicated private cloud services can be significantly more reliable and cost effective than aging on-premises deployments. As you modernize your infrastructure, let Viewpointe help you reap the benefits of a proven, purpose-built dedicated private cloud.

    Benefits that we can help you realize from our secure, scalable service include:


    • Elimination of  upfront costs and reduced capital outlay

    • Improved process automation and standardization

    • Reduction in data center size, cost and complexity 

    • Enablement of next-generation collaboration and mobility


    • Expanded IT capabilities without adding headcount  

    • Improved availability, business continuity and disaster recovery

    • Reduced need and cost of integration and custom applications

    • Improved business insight and data governance

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