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Command Your High Volume Output

Govern high-volume reports and correspondence in a secure and cost-effective manner with OnPointe®for Print Stream & Image.

Providing personalized, responsive and secure online customer experiences has become imperative in today's competitive landscape. However, many organizations are still dealing with the daunting task of maintaining aging systems designed only for the long-term retention of computer-generated reports and multiple types of customer correspondence.

Let Viewpointe help you modernize your ability to govern today's high-volume output while enabling you to better meet customer, legal and compliance obligations.

About OnPointe for Print Stream & Image

OnPointe for Print Stream and Image helps transaction-heavy organizations meet the growing demand for more modern and granular governance of client information.



  • High-volume report archiving in the cloud
  • Scale seamlessly to support growth and expansion
  • Improve customer response and service efficiency


    • Modernize legacy systems for improved information management and governance 
    • Apply advanced life-cycle management and legal holds to individual records  
    • Transform traditional formats into standard PDF or text for viewing

      Modern Governance of Client Information

      Facilitating the need for computer-generated report archiving, on-demand access and comprehensive data transformation enables your users to securely and simply view their client information in standard PDF or text formats.


      OnPointe for Print Stream and Image also enables output stream capturing and high-volume report archiving for better management, governance and access to customer statements, invoices and other transactional reports.

      Individual records can now be separated from a broader output stream and the appropriate classification, retention and disposition rules applied. Legal hold orders and search requests are significantly streamlined by extracting individual records out of large print streams - no longer must the entire output be managed as a single file.

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      OnPointe for Print Stream & Image

      OnPointe for Print Stream and Image helps transaction-heavy organizations meet the growing demand for modern and more granular governance of your clients' information.

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