OnPointe for File Shares

Transform Risk into Actionable Insight

Take control over unmanaged, collaborative content with OnPointe® for File Shares.

With the rise of self-service applications, bring your own device and users driven by convenience and speed, managing business content has become even more complex. Managing your file systems and providing governance over content stored and generated in collaborative systems can be daunting.   

Let Viewpointe’s electronic file management and file archiving services help you take control of valuable content to help ensure better business insight while defensibly disposing of ROT (redundant, outdated or trivial content) and increased storage efficiency.

About OnPointe for File Shares

Bring governance and control to your unmanaged content that is stored in disparate file servers and collaborative storage repositories with OnPointe for File Shares. 


  • Maintain data fidelity migrating content to the cloud
  • Modernized file archiving that scales seamlessly
  • Standardize information access and improve usability


  • Enforce your information management and governance policies through advanced automation
  • Gain business insight while defensibly disposing of debris
  • Reallocate resources to strategic initiatives that affect the top line

Turn Exposure into Business Leverage

OnPointe for File Shares brings governance control to collaborative content and file shares that proliferate but go unmanaged, become orphaned or go dormant, increasing risk and non-compliance through file archiving.


To help ensure compliance and improve storage efficiency across the entire environment of locations (network drives, file shares, desktops, laptops and collaborative sites such as SharePoint), stored content can be evaluated for business value, archived and classified, while ROT is defensibly disposed based on your corporate policies.

Helping you turn exposure into business leverage, OnPointe for File Shares can help protect you from the cost and risk of unmanaged data, unfettered disk storage and reactive IT assignments that can often negatively affect your bottom line.

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OnPointe for File Shares

OnPointe for File Shares brings governance and control to unmanaged content stored across your enterprise in file servers and collaborative storage repositories to enable proper file archiving and electronic file management. 



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