National Settlement System

Streamline Your Settlement Services

Optimize your check settlement process to remove complexity and reduce cost.

With demands for lower cost, faster settlement response and improved flexibility, the need for a seamless, cost-effective settlement solution across multiple-payment providers is a requirement for most institutions. Providing your customers with an optimized experience is a top priority.

The Viewpointe National Settlement System offers financial institutions and networks of all sizes across multiple-payment providers a fully automated, seamless and cost-effective payment settlement system.

About the Viewpointe National Settlement System

Connect with our national check settlement system for reliable settlement of all of your electronic transactions.


  • Enjoy real-time, online net settlement
  • Utilize integrated online adjustments
  • Trust proven performance and security
  • Take advantage of cash letter coding capabilities


  • Tailor your check settlement processes to meet business needs

    • Reconcile with ease via on-demand, comprehensive reporting

    Comprehensive Approach to the Check Settlement Process

    With the Viewpointe National Settlement System, you have real-time access to your check settlement process and more. With Viewpointe, you can make a difference in the industry through hands-on involvement and continuous innovation.

    The Viewpointe National Settlement System offers real-time, online net settlement for all of your electronic check transactions. As a standalone service or used alongside our check image exchange, financial institutions and networks of all sizes can fully automate the settlement of checks through one of the nation's most advanced payment settlement systems. Viewpointe solutions help you minimize the hassles and high costs of network exchanges, upgrades and technology refreshes. Instead, customers that utilize our check settlement system enjoy the ability to tailor check image presentations and settlement processes to their specific needs. 

    Viewpointe customers that use both our check image exchange and our check settlement system get our automated settlement entry (ASE) solution, which allows you to automatically post presented files for settlement customized to enforce your business deadlines. By performing 24 exchanges per day, from as early as 8 a.m. until as late as 3 p.m. (CT), Viewpointe offers true same-day settlement opportunities. We settle forward presentment items and returns through a robust adjustment system.

    With more than 6 trillion transactions settled, The Viewpointe National Settlement System offers comprehensive on-demand reporting for ease in reconciliations and an integrated online adjustment module. Our check settlement system includes innovative capabilities such as a cash letter coding feature that allows you to customize fund availability, presentment deadlines and eligible routing transit numbers.

     Our National Settlement System settles transactions for the Viewpointe image exchange network, two additional large check image exchange networks and various clearing houses across the country.

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    National Settlement System

    Helping institutions get connected, Viewpointe's National Settlement System settles transactions between institutions for large networks, various clearing houses and direct connections across the U.S.

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