Assessment Services


Our health assessments help clients take stock of their current content systems and receive an evaluation that includes documentation of current state as well as planning and roadmap to an improved future approach to content services.

Organizations today face an environment that is driven by content, both from a desire to leverage content and a need to organize and protect it. Each industry has its own regulatory and compliance requirements and many organizations don’t know where to start when it comes to implementing a secure, accessible, scalable strategy for meeting all the varied requirements. Our experts are here to help clients figure out where they are today, where they need to go and how to get there.


Provide better understanding of an organization’s information management landscape

Help identify current areas of information deficiencies and risks

Achieve a plan to help prioritize improvements and business goals

Help organizations take on initiatives to fundamentally improve how they interact with information


Viewpointe leverages its extensive experience and our network of partners in information management to help organizations overcome the challenges associated with setting a vision.

We focus on the steps that will help organizations modernize aging information management, content collection and records management to achieve significant savings in information technology spend as well as increased business efficiencies.

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Viewpointe Assessment Services

Viewpointe Assessment Services help you better leverage and organize your stored content, information management practices, workflow processes, lifecycle governance and business systems. Viewpointe offers a variety of assessment options that can be tailored to focus on your organization’s priorities.


Viewpointe Professional Services

We offer a variety of services spanning strategy and best practices consultation, implementation/delivery services and assessment services. Our services team includes experienced solution professionals with the knowledge required to provide value to your organization’s management and control of data.



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