Security & Compliance


Viewpointe has consistently met or exceeded the strict security and compliance requirements of financial services for over a decade.

The data security in our services have a well-earned reputation for helping financial institutions comply with state and federal regulations, such as Check 21, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FINRA, SEC, FFIEC, NASD and HIPAA. The same principles and framework address the growing security and compliance requirements across multiple industries. With a hardened and proven security model, large organizations across regulated industries rely on the unique data security in our solutions to support future growth and a compliant business.


Maintain extensive security/audit processes based on best practices

Receive SOC 2 security reviews and audits

Deter access from intrusion through dedicated communication lines

Deliver a hardened infrastructure via our multi-layered security architecture

Audited annually by FFIEC and our customers

Attestation of PCI-DSS compliance (AOC)


Our multi-layered data security offers an integrated approach that provides a comprehensive security infrastructure. Designed to meet the data security, data privacy and regulatory needs of large enterprises, Viewpointe offers the following safeguards in addition to governance controls.

Physical Security:

  • Cardkey and biometric access
  • 24/7 site security
  • Background checks for staff
  • Geographically dispersed data centers

Network Security:

  • Encryption of data in transit
  • Customer-specific, dedicated private network connectivity
  • Redundant enterprise firewall protection
  • Network intrusion detection/monitoring
  • Network vulnerability scanning

Technology-based Security:

  • Encryption at rest (database and content)
  • Available non-rewritable and non-erasable (WORM) solution
  • Privileged access monitoring/review
  • Automated content replication to an alternate site
  • Highly available application servers with load balancing
  • Separately managed SSO infrastructure (SAML)
  • Private MPLS telecommunications network
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Why High Technology Is Not Enough for True Information Security

Security is a top priority for many companies and enterprises seeking to improve information management and document processes across the enterprise. Our solution can addresses that need by offering a highly secure hosted, managed service.


Viewpointe Information Security

Viewpointe has been providing secure data management in the cloud by employing a strict security approach, including physical, network, technology and policy-based measures. Biometric access controls, 24/7 site security and background checks for data center staff are integral to our data centers.



Viewpointe’s commitment during the COVID-19 Pandemic