OnPointe for Enterprise Applications


Modernize and leverage aging IT and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems with OnPointe® for Enterprise Applications.

As data volumes and types continue to increase, companies face mounting pressure to manage information in a more efficient, cost-effective manner. Unfortunately, infrastructures have aged and the legacy business systems and applications were never designed for the rise of big data in today’s digital business.

Let Viewpointe help you better manage, secure and govern your systems and sensitive content while improving IT efficiency and lowering costs by using the cloud for enterprise applications.


Modernize your legacy systems, ECM and business applications

Utilize private cloud for enterprise application retirement

Scale seamlessly to support growth and expansion

Minimize upfront investments in hardware and software

Reallocate resources to focus on strategic initiatives

Facilitate incident preparedness and efficient discovery response

Customize your processes and workflows to meet business needs


OnPointe provides a private cloud where your enterprise applications can securely archive, govern and process the information generated by the line-of-business applications that power your business.


Including OnPointe in your modernization plans can help create opportunities for your IT to drive strategic initiatives with top line impact while enabling information management and governance strategies to take life.

Built and deployed to minimize large upfront capital investments, and offered with a consumption-based pricing model, OnPointe helps reduce high project costs associated with technology refreshes, system enhancements, ongoing software maintenance and non-deployed shelf ware.

Comprehensive lifecycle management and advanced automation enable the consistent and transparent application of your governance policies, facilitating improved compliance, litigation readiness and defensible disposition. This allows you to drive value from legacy data while removing debris.

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Why Managing Enterprise Content is So Hard

Businesses can be swiftly overwhelmed by both unmanaged AND critical data - each of which continues to accumulate inside your enterprise. The burden of storage capacity and migration costs of data is often outweighed by the unknown risks that could be hidden within it.


OnPointe for Enterprise Applications

OnPointe for Enterprise Applications helps reduce costs and improve the efficiency of managing content held in both active and legacy enterprise business systems. By modernizing and updating aging systems, OnPointe for Enterprise Applications provides a secure unified archive for improved efficiency, higher return on investment, reduced maintenance costs, and active security protection via a dedicated private cloud.


Your "Keep Everything" Policy is Expensive and Risky

Cleaning and organizing decades worth of unstructured data can be overwhelming, but let's face it, keeping everything is not only expensive, it's risky! With the explosive growth of email and file systems, finding a secure, scalable and cost-effective approach to manage the lifecycle of collaborative content, files and business communications can be a real challenge.