Business Continuity

Agility to Meet Dynamic Governance Needs

Strict requirements for high availability and flexibility demand a commitment to predictable and reliable service. 

Viewpointe has geographically dispersed Tier 3+ data centers that allow us to provide seamless, high availability and disaster recovery for our customers. Both active/active and active/passive solutions are available based on your specific requirements. In the event of a disaster, we provide complete data recovery procedures to walk even the most untrained staff through. We also regularly coordinate disaster recovery drills to help identify data recovery issues that could potentially cause or increase disruptions.   

Viewpointe and Business Continuity

With IT budgets under increasing strain, Viewpointe can help you address business continuity demands so your resources can focus on other strategic initiatives.


  • Reduce application down time with proven data recovery strategies 
  • Free up resources to focus on strategic projects 
  • Increase customer satisfaction with improved response rates 
  • Proactively identify potential risks via full plan drills 
  • Enable fast response in wake of disaster via clear data recovery procedures
  • Meet customer requirements for data recovery strategies and plans 


Why Viewpointe:

  • A business continuity platform built specifically for the cloud
  • Unmatched business model that drives excellence
  • Over a decade of experience delivering private cloud services
  • Uniquely combine technology and experienced service professionals
  • Regulatory compliance, security, ECM and IG expertise on staff
  • One of the most trusted and longest managed cloud archives in the United States

A Better, More Reliable Cloud

IDC recently analyzed on-premises and cloud-based information governance solutions to compare the economic benefits. Part of that analysis concluded that cloud is significantly more reliable - and delivers hard-dollar economic benefits:

"The cloud solution also proved to be more reliable, experiencing 76% fewer incidents of unplanned outages. When outages occurred, the response time of the cloud solution was half that of the in-house team.  Overall, the combination of fewer incidents and faster response times reduced downtime by over 13 hours per user per year at a cost of $222 per user, a savings of 95%."

Source: "Cloud Economics: A Financial Analysis of Information Management IT Delivery Models." IDC, Michael Versace and Randy Perry.  October 2013

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Put Economics to Work

A recent IDC study of on-premises and cloud-delivered services offering information governance solutions found that cloud-based models can substantially improve solution reliability.

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