Alliances with technology and service providers 

Viewpointe is one of the largest service and private cloud providers to regulated industries. We offer cloud-based information governance, check archive and image exchange and settlement services to some of the world’s best-known brands.  

As a private cloud provider, by collaborating with our technology and services alliances, we deliver innovative solutions that help to minimize cost and maximize the strategic value of your business information.


Viewpointe's national archive operations are supported by our strategic partner, IBM. IBM was a founding creator of Viewpointe, along with Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. In regulated industries, response time is critical, and IBM transactional and data management technology helps Viewpointe customers serve their customers faster, analyze risk in real-time and process higher volumes of transactions both accurately and affordably.

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ZL Technologies

ZL makes the Unified Archive® software as a centralized platform for enterprise-wide management of unstructured data. Unified architecture eliminates “data silos” and allows comprehensive control of data for eDiscovery, RIM, compliance, and storage functions. With a track record of Fortune 500 customers, ZL is a leader in harnessing “Big Data” for strategic advantage.

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NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solution and services that deliver outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate business breakthroughs. The world’s leading companies rely on our solutions to achieve better economics, speed and scale of business.

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A pioneer in the delivery of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, Datum Solutions offers high quality result-oriented software development and consulting services and solutions. Founded in 2004 by a group of senior ECM solutions experts with wealth of industry experience in the ECM space for over a decade and in-depth expertise in diverse facets of software segments, DCG has the people and resources to solve client's specific business challenges.

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Jordan Lawrence

Effectively managing electronic information requires a holistic and deep understanding of all the information a company has, where it is, who has access to it, how it moves through and out of the company, the processes that manage it, and its relevance to regulatory and business requirements. Jordan Lawrence bridges the gap between executives, legal, business and IT, enabling companies to identify and address the most pervasive risks to sensitive information, comply with current privacy and records retention laws, and eliminate unnecessary electronic information.

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Kahn Consulting

Kahn Consulting, Inc. (KCI) is a consulting firm specializing in the governance, legal and policy issues of information technology, information governance and records management. Through a range of services including information and records management program development; electronic records and e-communications policy development; Information Management Compliance audits; product assessments; legal and compliance research and education and training, KCI helps its clients address today's critical issues in an ever-changing regulatory and technological environment. Based in Chicago, KCI provides its services to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in North America and around the world.

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Montaña & Associates

Montaña & Associates helps you negotiate the challenges of today’s records and information technologies and increasingly complex legal requirements while never losing sight of a business’s need to communicate.  We offer a variety of services to enable an organization to create, implement and maintain a robust and progressive information governance ecosystem.  We help global organizations manage information through the creation of policies and procedures, global retention and privacy rule sets, litigation readiness and the selection and implementation of technology.

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Pyramid Solutions

Pyramid Solutions is an innovative leader in designing and deploying Enterprise Content Management, Case Management, and Business Process Management solutions for Banking, Insurance and Government entities. Designing and deploying solutions with our proven industry best practices allows for us to provide faster return to investment and better business outcomes.

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TIBCO LogLogic provides a scalable, centralized platform for management and distribution of machine and log data in order for IT organizations to establish operational control, gain insight, and rest assured that machine data is being fully utilized for business advantage.

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Vega is a full service ECM consulting firm providing content and process management solutions to the Banking, Insurance, and Government sectors.  Our experience with IBM P8 and Case Manager is unparalleled allowing Vega to provide not only outstanding consulting value, but also industry leading products and business solutions.  Vega Unity is a market leading ECM/ICM client with over two million users deployed in over thirty countries. Vega has offices in Los Angeles, Washington DC, London, and Minsk. 

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