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Content comes into an organization from many sources and across many channels, and it no longer makes sense to expect enterprise content to live within the corporate firewall. Whether it resides on-premises, in a private cloud, a public cloud, or a hybrid cloud, that content needs to be managed appropriately, instantly accessible and seamless to the user.

Viewpointe helps clients connect disparate content sources to drive improved information management and document processes while maintaining the benefits of their existing cloud deployments. By structuring a cloud to cloud solution, a cohesive user experience can be created that helps meet the organization's content management practice goals.  

Shift Focus on How Content Will Be Consumed vs Where It Lives

There was a time when the industry focused on consolidating applications into a singular on-premises enterprise system that could be locked down and managed as a single entity. Today, with the growth of use case specific cloud offerings like Microsoft's Office 365, and many others that play critical roles in the business, a singular corporate system simply isn't feasible. As a result, the need for cloud to cloud solutions is on the rise and Viewpointe is ideally positioned to meet client demands.


  • Ease integration of various content platforms
  • Leverage best-of-breed options for each content type


  • Reduce need for users to reference and access different services and systems
  • Work within existing infrastructure or capital investments
With over 17 years of proven experience in cloud technology, Viewpointe provides best-in-class security, content management, retention management, archiving, supervision, text analytics and eDiscovery technologies that protect your data, drive compliance and harness information value. As the market shifts to more cloud delivered solutions, Viewpointe's proven success in managing complex integration and customization challenges helps clients meet their legal, compliance and business requirements independent of where the content was originally created.

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