Modernization – Is your legacy foundation crumbling?

Modernization Blog ImageAs the latest enterprise initiatives strive for improved user experience, cohesive mobile interactions, virtual assistants and advanced automation, most large enterprise organizations today are forced to paint a thin shiny coat of veneer over underlying legacy systems in an effort to keep pace. The effort and expense of addressing the age and girth of these legacy systems appears to add no value to the line of business end users and those with control of funding. Unfortunately, the shiny top coat can’t address the growing risks related to underlying security vulnerabilities, performance limitations and control restrictions. The modernization plan needs to have demonstrable ROI to offset legacy system updates and address all parts involved – not just the user interaction layer. Accounting for all applicable hard and soft dollars required for your legacy enterprise repository, management will pave the way to justifying a comprehensive modernization that can serve as a solid go-forward foundation.

When considering how best to tackle aging systems, contemplate the following questions:

  • How much time are you spending for administration, upgrades, maintenance, etc.? All of those hours add up and can have a significant impact on your bottom line.
  • Do you have a good handle on your current investment in hardware, software, installation, maintenance and non-deployed shelfware? Minimizing upfront investments can help deliver a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Have you considered which governance policies need to be applied to your information? It’s important to evaluate your level of defensibility and ensure you can meet not only business but also legal and regulatory requirements.
  • What legacy content repositories could be replaced with a single unified archive? Secured unified archives not only improve efficiency, but also delivers a higher return on investment and reduces maintenance costs.
  • How are the costs and timelines for connection and integration with emerging systems and services reduced by modernizing? Business processes, case management, workflows and applications are easily incorporated when the systems which are used to manage business information and the processes surrounding the information lifecycle are streamlined.

There are situations where a new coat of paint is all that is required, but as your enterprise is experiencing growth, struggling with efficiency and pushing to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to consider what is slowing you down so the investment in the top layer isn’t wasted on an out-of-date and crumbling foundation.

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By Susan Emery | April 3, 2017| Cloud , Content Services , Information Management , Modernization , Security & Compliance


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Susan Emery

Susan Emery has over 17 years of experience in enterprise content management software and hosted services focused on maximizing the value and reducing the cost of stored content. An ARMA Certified Information Governance Professional (IPG) with a background in design and usability, Ms. Emery concentrates on customer success drivers across Information Management and Information Governance to break the vicious investment cycle enterprise organizations experience in these challenging areas.

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