ILTA 2016 Information Governance Survey

Information governance is BIG.

And, not just in the sense of “big data” – it’s a big concept. It’s such a broad concept, that it means many things to many people depending on the nature of the organization, the organization’s main business drivers, and a person’s role within the organization.

While “big” may be a simple adjective, big IG is certainly not a simple issue. Everyone’s business environment is unique, so there’s no single or common blueprint for success. Even the most forward-leaning organizations can struggle to pull together an IG strategy that’s designed to be long-term, effective, and profitable.

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In an effort to detangle the true data management implications of “big,” the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) issues an annual survey of real world information governance practices. ZL Technologies is proud to be assisting ILTA in the survey efforts this year and has asked Viewpointe to help get the community involved through survey responses.

ILTA is focused on the intersection of legal practices and technology, but this intersection involves multiple business roles and departments – not unlike the IGRM. If you are reading this, it’s likely you should participate in the survey!

There is no need to be a member of ILTA to participate. Anyone with a role in the information governance process — from IT, to records, to legal, to leadership – can participate and help make this the most comprehensive ILTA survey yet!

All responses are anonymous and survey completion takes about 10 minutes.

With a better understanding of the real IG challenges within different organizations, thought leaders such as ILTA can better develop meaningful materials and guidance to help practitioners and business leaders alike. We hope you can help out!

By Team Viewpointe | March 22, 2016| Information Management , Security & Compliance


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