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At Viewpointe, we like to advise our customers to build their information governance (IG) program on small successes. Our approach to information governance is consultative in nature so I invest in detailed discussion with both prospective customers and existing clients about the maturity and ongoing improvement of their IG programs. There are a few progressive organizations but for the most part organizations are either beginning their program, restarting their program or looking for ways to build upon smaller successful projects as a way to develop broader IG interest, adoption and mind-share. In other words, all companies are looking to drive IG momentum and seeking key footholds to advance their programs.

Make no mistake information governance is more of a journey than a destination. The constant painting of the Golden Gate Bridge is a proper analogy for achieving information governance. The work is never done. The bridge is painted continuously. The environment is harsh and the steel will corrode quickly if not watched and maintained regularly. Information governance is similar in that it needs to be an ongoing program that monitors business conditions and adjusts to meet the unique needs of an organization, enforced regulations, and best practices.

Information governance is coming of age. And although there isn’t a singular definition in the market, there are common elements that analysts, think tanks, thought leaders and vendors alike seem to agree upon. A common IG theme is improving the value of information while minimizing associated risks; encouraging desired behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, securing, use, archival and deletion of information while supporting an organization’s immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements.

If we consider the core elements of this broad theme and acknowledge that information governance is a journey and not a destination, where you start and how you build on your successful projects to set you on the correct trajectory towards achieving information governance is key. Check out our blog for more content on information governance or schedule a follow-up to learn about the Viewpointe consultative approach.

By Reed Irvin | September 23, 2016| Big Data , Cloud , Content Assessment , Content Services , Data Archiving , Information Management


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Reed Irvin

Reed Irvin has over 20 years of industry experience in records management and information governance. He is an active member of the EDRM, currently chairs the IGRM (Information Governance Reference Model) and is a member of ARMA International.

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