Content Sharing with IBM FileNet and Content Navigator

Sharing content externally just became easier with IBM FileNet and IBM Content Navigator (ICN) with a feature included (no additional licensing) in the FileNet 5.5 release.

The main benefits of this greater flexibility around external enterprise content sharing include:

  • Secure content sharing with external users
  • Control authorized users who can share content externally
  • Share documents and folders
  • Manage documents and records in place
  • View or download content as an external user
  • Set document share expiration date (optional)

To take advantage of the content-sharing features, the software prerequisites are:

  • FileNet version
  • ICN version
  • WebSphere Application Server V9.0 with JAX-RS 2.0 configured

Read below for information about how to enable secure external content sharing in your organization.

Content Sharing with FileNet

Share and View Documents

Users can share documents stored in the FileNet repository with external users by using the ICN external share feature. To do so, you must be the owner of the document and have the Manage permissions privilege enabled. You can also control how long an external party has access to a document; selecting an expiration date for a shared document automatically removes the privileges to the document for the external users. Otherwise, the share must be manually revoked when the document no longer needs to be shared.

The process for external viewers to view shared documents is simple. External users receive an email that includes a link to accept the share, and you control whether they can only view the document or view and download the document. Once the external user accepts the share, they are granted access to the document and ICN Desktop opens to display available shared content.

Enable External Content Share

To enable external content share, first, create a separate LDAP directory realm for identifying external users. The internal and external LDAP directory realms must be federated and you need WebSphere Application Server V9.0 with JAX-RS 2.0 configured for external share.

To configure FileNet, add an external LDAP directory realm using the Administration Console for Content Platform Engine (ACCE). Next, configure an email server so that notifications can be sent to external users alerting them that content is available to them.

Also, you must configure ICN. Make ICN aware of the external user LDAP directory server by configuring the external LDAP. Install the plug-in to enable external sharing capability. Finally, to enable external sharing for an existing internal desktop, add the share capability to the existing desktop or create an external share desktop and you’re ready to go with external file sharing.

You will now be able to, without moving data,

  • Securely share loan or account applications
  • Publish product materials to independent insurance agents
  • Send materials to outside legal counsel

To recap, external file share with ICN and FileNet:

  • Enables easy document sharing externally in a controlled environment
  • Eliminates duplicate copies of files, which can lead to file mismanagement and organizational problems
  • Provides security as documents with sensitive information do not need to be emailed or stored in another location to be shared externally. You can manage records in place.
  • Allows only authorized users to access documents
  • Controls editing of content – external users can only view and/or download
  • Sets file access expiration date (optional)

To take advantage of these capabilities, FileNet and ICN must be on current versions and the correct infrastructure and security layers need to be in place. Viewpointe has the expertise and knowledge to help you upgrade and properly configure these systems to maximize your content leverage and enable streamlined business processes.

Viewpointe can help serve as a secure, reliable on-ramp to leveraging cloud and establishing cloud-to-cloud service connectivity as part of transforming existing business processes while maintaining the use of proven systems like IBM FileNet Content Manager, IBM Content Foundation, IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD), IBM Case Manager, IBM Case Foundation and IBM Datacap. The right partner with the correct expertise is critical to accelerating and defining a successful digital transformation strategy.

For more information on upgrading your FileNet and IBM Content Navigator to the required versions and taking advantage of the external file sharing capability, please get in touch.

By Deepti Harpale | July 15, 2019| Cloud , Content Services , Digital Transformation , ECM , Information Management


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