Content Out of Control? Get a Grip.

Content is a powerful tool for any business, but with that power comes massive responsibility. That’s because businesses today are governed by a host of legal guidelines and requirements that require them to manage and protect that content from unauthorized use or exposure. Content can range from customer data or financials to market intelligence or other critical information, with the common thread being that those assets are a large part of the company’s competitive advantage. And the exponential rise in the volume of content, combined with way digital technology has impacted storage and management, poses a new set of challenges.

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Highly regulated businesses such as financial services, healthcare and insurance are particularly vulnerable today because of the large amount of personal data that is associated with serving customers. Leaders there must strike a delicate balance between innovation and risk mitigation that allows them to simultaneously leverage and secure a variety of content.

To successfully manage that valuable business content, and ensure you stay in compliance with any applicable regulations, you need a cost-effective approach that takes advantage of the latest technologies to automate and simplify as much as possible. A combination of Managed Services, Content Services and Professional Services will help you manage your content, and you’ll enjoy these six benefits:

  • Reduced costs by minimizing capital investments and overhead
  • Enhanced business value in previously unmanaged data
  • Less content clutter and a clean archive of valuable data
  • Enhanced compliance capabilities and reduced risk through corporate data policies
  • Simplified collection and classification through automation
  • Improved ability to respond to audit requests with predictable results

Sure, you could try to handle it yourself, but then you’re putting yourself and your team in the position of having to stay current on the technology to effectively manage content. A better bet would be to turn to the experts, the ones who live and breathe this stuff every day.

Here at Viewpointe, we offer OnPointe, a suite of cloud-based content service solutions with a foundation in compliance and information management. We can help with professional services to guide implementation and project success, content services to meet functional requirements with system connectivity and embedded end-user interfaces and proven managed services in a private cloud environment to keep content secure. Let us show you how we can turn your content into the most valuable asset it should be.

By Susan Emery | November 16, 2017| Cloud , Content Services , Information Management , Managed Services


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Susan Emery

Susan Emery has over 17 years of experience in enterprise content management software and hosted services focused on maximizing the value and reducing the cost of stored content. An ARMA Certified Information Governance Professional (IPG) with a background in design and usability, Ms. Emery concentrates on customer success drivers across Information Management and Information Governance to break the vicious investment cycle enterprise organizations experience in these challenging areas.

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