Accelerate Digital Transformation by Avoiding These Major Pitfalls

Digital TransformationThe term “Digital Transformation” is at risk of being overused, but it serves as a helpful umbrella term for many critical aspects of managing enterprise content that require continuous improvement: efficiency, elasticity, agility, security, competitive edge and customer loyalty.

Digital transformation begins by taking stock of current systems, practices and processes, and determining how to leverage that foundation and re-engineer based on that core. This approach helps avoid gaps in coverage, prioritize the overall approach and make the best use of existing investments. Rather than disregard current systems that are embedded within your organization today – like IBM Content Manager OnDemand, IBM FileNet, IBM Content Foundation, IBM Datacap, IBM Case Manager, and IBM Business Automation Workflow – examine ways in which these systems could be managed differently to accelerate your digital transformation.

Awareness is Empowerment

It’s important to be aware of missteps that will not only slow down but could potentially completely derail transformation initiatives. Below is a list of common issues and tips about how to keep your digital transformation on track.

  • Avoid projects that are too broad, undefined or tackle only surface-level transformation. Transformation value is best achieved with a targeted project that rethinks a critical business process from beginning to end.
  • Always measure and track metrics. Gather all metrics available about the current processes: process times, KPI, SLAs and all benchmarks so there are clear targets to improve upon; don’t forget to track hard costs too.
  • Don’t commit to a deep focus on only one area – like customer experience – but fail to address upstream optimization and efficiency issues, or allow isolated, siloed investments in one-off, separate tools across the organization. Secure executive sponsorship on direction and centralized alignment around a common strategy.
  • Prioritize specific departments and line of business areas which can benefit from a common transformation strategy
  • Specifically target opportunities to pursue business process reengineering – rethinking an entire business process from a customer-centric perspective – and optimize practices and workflows to reduce process times
  • Think across infrastructure, tools, resources and processes for the prioritized group of departments or LOBs
  • Remain aware of long-term goals and anticipate investments in technology refreshes so the transformation solution isn’t out-of-date the moment it goes live

The two most important ways to accelerate digital transformation are to:

  1. Build upon existing systems
  2. Find a trusted expert that can span all aspects of the transformation initiative and drive to long-term success

Experienced Partners Save Time and Money

Viewpointe’s professional, content and managed services can assist in all phases of the digital transformation process.

  • The Viewpointe Professional Services team performs assessments of existing systems, prioritizes areas of urgent transformation and documents key metrics for benchmarking. As a managed services provider, the Viewpointe team assists in optimizing both on-premises and cloud operations to free up staff resources to work on future transformation and core business differentiation projects.
  • Viewpointe Content Services serve as a secure, reliable on-ramp to leveraging cloud and establishing cloud-to-cloud service connectivity as part of transforming existing business processes while maintaining the use of proven systems like IBM FileNet Content Manager, IBM Content Foundation, IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD), IBM Case Manager, IBM Case Foundation and IBM Datacap. The right partner with the correct expertise is critical to accelerating and defining a successful digital transformation strategy.
  • Viewpointe Managed Services brings together knowledge and experience with a deep understanding of technology needed to manage a comprehensive content strategy. Security, scalability, disaster recovery, best-in-class technology and world-class support make Viewpointe the right partner for your on-premises managed services or as part of our managed private cloud delivery. Viewpointe’s managed services experts work with your team to understand your content goals and business needs to provide consistent delivery of the underlying systems that support your strategy.

Given the broad nature of digital transformation initiatives, there are many different paths to success, but the challenges and advice above as well as expertise from Viewpointe or a trusted 3rd party partner can help increase value while decreasing risks, costs, and time associated with your project.

By Susan Emery | May 21, 2019| Cloud , Digital Transformation , Information Management , Managed Services , Modernization


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Susan Emery

Susan Emery has over 17 years of experience in enterprise content management software and hosted services focused on maximizing the value and reducing the cost of stored content. An ARMA Certified Information Governance Professional (IPG) with a background in design and usability, Ms. Emery concentrates on customer success drivers across Information Management and Information Governance to break the vicious investment cycle enterprise organizations experience in these challenging areas.

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