Why Viewpointe


Established in 2000, we provide purpose-built, private cloud services to large, regulated organizations. Founded by the financial industry to answer complex, information-centric challenges, we have developed a unique business model that has led to our well-known and unmatched pedigree in the industry.


Viewpointe offers unique expertise to help you contain costs and mitigate risk – critical in today’s regulated, litigation-sensitive and information-centric business.

Our unique business model combines hardware, software and unmatched expertise to provide needed guidance on best practices and strategy as well as technology solutions, and is centered on the following elements of operation:

  • Trusted Provider: We are entrusted by many of the world’s leading organizations with tens of billions of sensitive documents stored in our private cloud. We strive to ensure that our customers can trust that we have their best interests in mind, that we are a thought leader, that we are a technology leader and that their faith in Viewpointe and our actions, our values and work is justified. Each year since 2006, we have been named to the prestigious FinTech 100, representing the best of the best in financial technology and service providers.
  • Robust Security and Compliance: Security is a top priority at Viewpointe and our robust security and access control measures undergo rigorous annual testing and auditing, including SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II audits as well as FFIEC and individual customer audits.
  • Reliable Performance: We have a multiple data center architecture that is highly redundant, with built-in failover. We have stringent SLAs that we continuously monitor, with monthly reporting to maintain the high availability of our services for our customers.
  • Scalable Service: Our archive grows by hundreds of millions of items each month; it is architected to easily scale to match your long-term growth requirements, as well as periodic growth periods and allows for easy cost allocation to departments based on use.
  • Extensible Cloud Service: Our service interfaces with your internal applications and all document types while providing a distributed environment that allows for the utmost flexibility and extensibility to solve your most complex challenges.
  • Pay-for-Use Pricing: With our predictable, easy-to-understand pricing model, we help you better control costs and eliminate upfront investments in infrastructure and maintenance resources.
  • Committed Partner: Viewpointe considers every customer a partner. We deliver a premier level of customer service through our world-class solutions throughout a service contract to help ensure both your success as well as ours. Your success is our passion.

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Based on your requirements, program and project management, account management and customer support are all tailored to your needs, while access to unparalleled levels of expertise through our professional services organization is provided. Delivering services that generate efficiency and value is the hallmark of our company.


Viewpointe’s commitment during the COVID-19 Pandemic