Lou Buglioli, Executive Chairman

Lou Buglioli, a 35-year veteran of payments, banking operations, and financial services consulting, serves as the Executive Chairman of Viewpointe. Joining Viewpointe in 2005, Buglioli oversees the company as an industry innovator in check electronification and works with the nation's leading banks on developing new payments capabilities. His career includes extensive executive experience in advising payment and financial service companies on payments strategy, operations, and technology. During his 20-year career as President and General Partner at Benton International (sold to Perot) and Perot Systems, he led the Global Financial Services Industry Group for commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, and payment services organizations. Buglioli also served as President and Director of Telecredit, Inc. and managed bank operations at Citibank and Crocker Bank (now Wells Fargo). Buglioli holds a Master’s degree in Science from MIT and attended Duquesne University as an undergraduate.

Leadership Team

Lou Buglioli
Executive Chairman

Timothy Coff
President and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Lapham
Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Reed Irvin
Executive Vice President, Strategy & Marketing

Sean Laurell
Chief Operating Officer

Berk Mesta
Chief Commercial Officer

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