Beginning January 1, 2014

Viewpointe Association Services has combined with WesPay ...

Who is WesPay?

As the oldest and one of the nation's largest regional payments associations, WesPay is focused on helping its members grow and improve their use of electronic payments. We are advocates, educators and industry innovators, always looking for ways to move the industry forward.

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What does this mean to me?

The following regional payments association services have moved from Viewpointe to WesPay:

Regional Payments Association Membership

ACH Compliance

ACH Originator Tools

Third Party Payments Processor Support

Certification Training

Payments Education

What are the benefits to the industry from this deal?

Both Viewpointe and WesPay have a history of providing a voice for members in the industry. Under the new structure, there will be increased membership and expanded geographic coverage to enhance members’ influence regarding national payments issues. As for Viewpointe, we will continue to bring best-of-class services to our valued customers, benefiting them and the industry as a whole.

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How will the sale of the Viewpointe RPA to WesPay benefit members and customers?

The joining of our RPA with WesPay will ultimately be a win for all of us within both Viewpointe and WesPay, for the payments market, and for our customers and mutual members.

Viewpointe Clearing, Settlement and Association Services and WesPay have long been allies in the industry; our regions are geographically adjacent, and we have consistently been close in the principles that have guided the services provided to members.

Our mutual respect and close relationship will benefit the members of the combined organization through additional service offerings and greater industry advocacy, among other benefits.

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How will this deal affect the future of Viewpointe?

Viewpointe continues to be committed to providing superb payments services through our end-to-end clearing and settlement and check archive services and focusing on the continued growth of our company through our information governance platform, OnPointe.

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How will Viewpointe customers and members be affected by this change?

While there is no change at all to the clearing, settlement and archive services that Viewpointe customers have come to rely upon, our RPA services have moved and will affect certain Viewpointe members and affiliates.

For those clearing and settlement, as well as settlement-only, customers that have accessed and used our RPA services, Viewpointe and WesPay have agreed to an alliance that will allow us to continue to extend these value-added services to Viewpointe members at the discounted member rates.

For one year from the effective date of the combination of the two RPAs, set for January 1, 2014, Viewpointe clearing and settlement and settlement-only customers can enjoy complimentary membership in the combined RPA.

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We're excited for our new merger!

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